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honda civic si 2002 honda civic si 2002 honda civic si 2002 

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Wikipedia: The Honda Civic is a line of subcompact and subsequently compact cars made and manufactured by Honda. The Civic, along with the Accord and Prelude, comprised Honda's vehicles sold in North America until the 1990s, when the model lineup was expanded. Having gone through several generational changes, the Civic has become larger and more upmarket, and it currently slots between the Fit and Accord.

The Honda Civic Si is a sport compact / hot hatch version of the compact car Honda Civic built by the Japanese automaker Honda. The Si designation, which stands for "Sport Injection", was formerly used in both Japan and North America signifying the most powerful Civic available in market. For the Japanese and European markets, however, the Civic Type R has been adopted as the high-performance variant of the Civic, from 1997 (starting with the EK9 hatch) in Japan and from 2001 (starting with the EP3 hatch) in Europe. In Canada, the model known as the Si also included additional features found in the EX and EX-L model in the US market, such as heated side mirrors.

Honda Civic SI 2002 specs

Production 2002-2005
Assembly Swindon, England
Body style(s) 3-door hatchback (EP)
Layout FF layout
Engine(s) 2.0L 160 hp (119 kW) I4
Transmission(s) 5-speed close-ratio manual
Wheelbase 101.2 in (256 cm)
Length 165.7 in (420.6 cm)
Width 66.7 in (167 cm)
Height 56.7 in (142 cm)
Curb weight 2,740 lbs
Fuel capacity 50 L (13.2 US gal)

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